International Centre for Ethnomedicine and Drug Development (InterCEDD) is a leading research, development, and analytic laboratory that provide product development, training, quality assurance and pilot manufacturing service to scientists, traditional medicine practitioners, institutions and pharmaceuticals, personal care products, cosmetic and dietary supplements industries. The centre provides support services to companies, institutions and organizations that are involved in the development and manufacturing of high quality herbal products; and to researchers (chemists, pharmacologists, medical scientists, microbiologists, immunologists, biochemists etc.) who are interested in natural products validation, analysis and development.interceddlablogo

InterCEDD provides a link between ethnomedicine as it exists in the Traditional African Medicine (TAM) and modern evidence based medicine with a well-established consortium of research laboratories and universities in Africa and across the world notably among them are Universities of Jos, Buea, Utah, Mississippi, and Pittsburgh.

InterCEDD was originally established to conduct ethnomedical research on antimalarial agents but has been greatly enhanced to become a regional reference laboratory for investigators working on the development and standardization of herbal medicines as therapeutic agents. The capability of the centre has also been extended to include an in vitro anti-HIV screening unit with equipment for cell line growth and storage, pharmacokinetics laboratory, pilot scale extraction unit and facilities for quality control of finished products.

The overall goal of the programme is to facilitate the development and production of herbal medicinal products through the establishment of the requisite capability and capacity in the region that would strengthen the ability of African scientists, institutions and traditional healers to work in a collaborative manner to enhance the use of traditional medicines and to transform some of them into modern therapeutic agents.

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