InterCEDD Health Products Ltd (IHP) is a health and wellness Company specialized in high quality herbal and dietary supplements, products, and services; created in the laboratories of International Centre for Etnomedicine and Drug Development. The company focuses on development, sales, and awareness of health and wellness products.IHPLOGO

InterCEDD Health Products (IHP), Ltd. is a commercial entity that supports the efforts of International Centre for Ethnomedicine and Drug Development (InterCEDD) a leading research development and analytic laboratory that provides product development, training, quality assurance and pilot manufacturing service to scientists, traditional medicine practitioners, institutions and pharmaceuticals, personal care products, cosmetic and dietary supplements industries. The centre provides support services to companies, institutions and organizations that are involved in the development and manufacturing of high quality herbal products; and to researchers (chemists, pharmacologists, medical scientists, microbiologists, immunologists, biochemists, etc.) who are interested in natural products validation, analysis and development.
IHP is also the commercial arm of a 20-year old company group called Bioresources Development Group, BDG.

Our vision is to be a globally recognized health and wellness marketing organization that facilitates the sustainable utilization of natural products for human health improvement.

Our mission is to become a leading name in the production, promotion and sales health and wellness products that are scientifically certified, with a view to improving general human health and well being; develop partnerships with agencies, communities and governments for sustainable health development.

• Strategic Investments in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals
• Production and sale of herbal and nutritional supplements
• Importation and sale of certified natural life style products
• Establishment of a modern pharmacy for the marketing of wellness products, health foods and herbal supplements in major cities in the world
• Establishment of a Good Manufacturers’ Practice, GMP standard for medicinal plants processing facility
• Improving accessibility of health and wellness products

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