Bioresources Institute of Nigeria (BION) is a biological resources research and development organization. Our core mission is the promotion of high quality scientific research on sustainable utilization of biological resources for health, economic development and conservation of the environment, as well as promoting job creation through Bio and Agro entrepreneurship with emphasis on value chain enhancement. BION is a member of the Bioresources Development Group, and leverages the intellectual property developed in over 20 years experience by its affiliates.logo2
Bioresources Institute of Nigeria is focused on bringing modern AgBioscience technology to the cultivation, production and delivery of high quality raw and processed plant-derived health-supplements, health-foods and medicines to the domestic and international market place, fulfilling advanced wholesale orders, and promoting the substitution of imported plant-derived raw materials feedstock in major food and health manufacturing industries in Nigeria.

BION offers biological resources education, training, and certificate courses to students and researchers through human resources development programmes in order to build their capacity for the utilization of biological resources.
BION also maintains agricultural outfits (processing centres and farms) using good agbiosciences models where medicinal plants are cultivated using Good Agricultural Practices for medicinal plants.

Bioresources Institute of Nigeria has:
• Conducted feasibility studies for establishment of model medicinal plant farms,
• Provided consultancy services to government agencies and parastatals on standardization and trade issues,
• Established model medicinal plant farms,
• Conducted trainings on Bioentrepreneurship, standardization and trade of biological resources

With a huge depth of human resources capacity spanning a joint total of over 80 years with experience in different sectors of agriculture and its value-chain development, Bioresources Institute of Nigeria is a major agricultural services company committed to development of science for the growth of humanity

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