VENUE: Rockview Hotel Classic, Ademola Adetokumbo, Wuse II Abuja
DATE: Tuesday 21st – Wednesday 22nd January 2014


Bioresources Institute of Nigeria (BION) is a biological resources research and development organisation. Our core mission is the promotion of high quality scientific research on sustainable utilization of biological resources for health, economic development and conservation of the environment, as well as promoting job creation through Bio and Agro entrepreneurship with emphasis on value chain enhancement. BION is a member of the Bioresources Development Group (BDG), which includes the Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme (BDCP), InterCEDD Health Products, BioTrade Global Agency and InterCEDD Laboratories.

Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme was founded in Nigeria in 1992 and has over the past 20 years established itself as a biodiversity industry leader by promoting the sustainable utilization of biological resources through research, product development and innovative biodiversity conservation projects.

The Group has developed a formidable international and local clientele, very large integrated farm setups across Nigeria. Its team of dedicated scientists and professionals have made remarkable success and breakthroughs in natural products research and development. She has indigenous products which are sought after globally. Bioresources Institute conducts research, scientific and entrepreneurial training with endorsements from United Nations’ organizations, Nigerian governments and the organized private sectors.


The Federal Government of Nigeria and the State governments have initiated various job-creation and poverty alleviation programmes aimed at simultaneously curbing youth unemployment and impacting positively on the nation’s economy. An area that has not received adequate consideration in most of these programmes is the centrifugal effect that a pool of trained bioentrepreneurs will have on job creation with its almost instant effect on poverty alleviation. The secondary effect will be the diversification of the economy and consolidation of the gains made in agriculture through the application of modern scientific processing techniques and exploitation of global markets for natural products as health foods, medicines and cosmetics. The bio-entrepreneurship training intends to create problem-solving work force who are sufficiently resourceful, creative and self motivated to own and operate an integrated agro-bioresources business or appropriately fit in to an already existing value chain system, making this non-oil-industry sector more productive and rewarding.


Bio-entrepreneurship is one of the key sectors in the interface between agriculture, health and commerce. It encourages and enhances commercial agriculture, agribusiness and value chain development. A massive investment in this sector will boost food security and provide necessary raw material for the production of natural medicines and food supplements. Investment in this sector will provide the veritable platform for youth empowerment and sustainable development in the Agric sector of the economy which is still at its subsistence level in Nigeria.


The objectives of this training include but are not limited to:

• Bringing together stake holders to brainstorm in order to provide the missing link between farming, processing and manufacturing
• Identify, train and mentor participant
• Provide needed support for a successful bio-business venture, agribusiness and commercial farming in Nigeria.
• Provide insight on the issues and opportunities in bio-entrepreneurship.
• To link raw material producers to expertise
• To link bio/agro entrepreneurs to foreign market/investors
• To create jobs through bio/agro-entrepreneurship.


• Bio-entrepreneurship (rigors and reward)
• Understanding bio/agri business marketing system
• Value Chain and Market Analysis
• Market Analysis
• Investment opportunities and market linkage
• Strategic planning as a tool for successful farm enterprise
• How to choose your crops
• Prospects of cultivating medicinal plants
• Integrated crop management system
• Access to business finance
• The Biotrade Programme


The training is designed for:

• Individuals interested in Agro and/or Bio-entrepreneurship as a business enterprise
• Farmers, Farm managers, supervisors etc.
• Nominees from state ministries of agriculture
• Financial Institutions
• Job-Creation Project managers


Our faculty are drawn from the academia, industries and government. They are internationally recognized facilitators that can be relied upon to provide friendly, smooth and incredibly efficient communication when dealing with delegates


• Skill Development
• Job creation
• Develop competencies required in farm management
• Development of Bio, agro and value chain investment opportunities
• Mentorship
• Training materials
• Training souvenirs
• Linking participants up with local and foreign markets
• Technical aid on production and processing will be made available

The programme is designed to accommodate adult training peculiarities. Two tea and lunch breaks would be served in a conducive learning environment. Methodologies to be used in the training include:
• Lectures
• Discussions
• Case Studies
• Syndicate Sessions
However, a much more detailed modular programme is in place to enable trainees specialize in their areas of identified interest. Bioresources Institute of Nigeria will work with attendees to carry out sponsored projects especially by interested States.

The training is scheduled to commence on:

Date: Tuesday 21st – Wednesday 22nd January 2014
Venue: Rockview Hotel Classic, Ademola Adetokumbo, Wuse II Abuja
Time: 8:30 am daily

The Course Fee is N55,000:00 which shall cover course materials, tea break, lunch break and certificates of participation.