Biotrade Projects

Nigeria is endowed with rich and highly diverse natural products.

These resources provide a wide range of intermediate products and services, such as natural dyes, colorants, oils, biochemicals compounds, medicinal extracts, and final products such as timber, handicrafts, nuts, fruits, perfumes, medicines. Many of these products are collected for subsistence use.

The world market for products and services derived from these resources is estimated to be about US$900b per annum. The world market for herbal remedies amounts to US$16.5b. The market for natural colouring and flavouring materials is estimated at US$150m worldwide. High demand exists for fresh and processed fruits and vegetables.

The BIOTRADE Project seeks to enhance the capability of Nigeria to produce value-added food and agro-forestry products and services for both domestic and international markets. It is an integrated project consisting of Product Assessment and Value Chain Analysis; Market Research; and Technical Trade Capacity Development.


Our Services

Technical Trade Capacity Development

Our Compliance Assistance Program (CAP) provides a range of services aimed at building technical trade capacity, enhancing products to meet the standards of the world class market, and improving the knowledge and ability of small and medium sized natural products company’s ability to export goods to the US and Asian markets.  The services provided also include consultations to US government and international agencies, as well as African government agencies.

Product Assessment & Value Chain Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive supply-chain analysis and needs assessment in order to identify and prioritise those points of intervention where the BioTrade Project can have the greatest positive impact on the growth and profitability of food and natural products.

These include: 

  1. Initial Product Assessment and Site visits to key producers.
  2. Identification of supply-chain constraints and bottlenecks, technical assistance needs, and market-driven opportunities for growth and profitability.
  3. Compilation and analysis of site visit data.

Market Research

This involves the development of market opportunities for local products and small enterprises, including linkages to manufacturing companies and other end users.

  • Research and summarise local, regional, European, Asian and US market requirements including import regulations, quality standards, and market channels.
  • Identify end users by country and product (bulk or packaged).