About Us

Welcome to BDCP

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you formally into the fold of our young organization. The international programme of the BDCP emerged from the Rio Earth Summit, at an African forum on biodiversity conservation.

Since this period, the BDCP has grown into a cooperative of associates, comprising scientists, policy makers, industrialists and individuals from diverse backgrounds who are interested in conservation and development of biological resources in the tropics, with special reference to Africa.

Following successful completion of the Conference, a book of the proceedings is expected in the first quarter of the year. It is also expected that specialized counsel and mentoring will be available to students in the fields of ethnobotany, pharmaceutical sciences, medicinal chemistry and conservation biology.

Through the International Cooperative Biodiversity Group (ICBG) program, we are increasingly demonstrating the need for realignment of research in aid of public screening programmes to address diseases, which affect a very significant percentage of global population. This has further resulted in our exciting new initiative with Axxon Biopharm Inc (www.axxonbiopharm.com) on natural products development. This initiative provides members with opportunity for collaboration in biomedical research through our International Center for Ethnomedicine and Drug Development (www.interCEDD.com).

Updates on membership and benefits are available at our Website www.bioresources.org. I urge you to please make suggestions or direct any questions you might have to bdcp@bioresources.org.
We thank you for your contribution.

Sincerely yours,

Maurice M. Iwu
Executive Director